• adj. 小的;很少的;短暂的;小巧可爱的
  • adv. 完全不
  • n. 少许;没有多少;短时间
  • n. (Little)人名;(英)利特尔

[ 比较级 less 最高级 least ]

little [ 'litl ]
  • n. a small amount or duration

    "he accepted the little they gave him"

  • adj.
    • limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent

      "a little dining room"; " a little house"; " a little (or small) group"

      同义词: small

    • (quantifier used with mass nouns) small in quantity or degree; not much or almost none or (with `a') at least some

      "little rain fell in May"; " gave it little thought"; " little hope remained"; " little time is left"; " we still have little money"; " a little hope remained"

    • of short duration or distance

      "in a little while"; " it's a little way away"

      同义词: brief

    • (of children and animals) young, immature

      "what a big little boy you are"

      同义词: small

    • (informal) small and of little importance

      "a little (or small) matter"

      同义词: fiddling footling lilliputian niggling piddling piffling petty picayune trivial

    • (of a voice) faint

      "a little voice"

      同义词: small

    • lowercase

      "little a"

      同义词: minuscule small

    • small in a way that arouses feelings (of tenderness or its opposite depending on the context)

      "a nice little job"; " bless your little heart"; " my dear little mother"; " a sweet little deal"; " I'm tired of your petty little schemes"; " filthy little tricks"; " what a nasty little situation"

  • adv. not much

    "he talked little about his family"